✦ Kismet | 24 | Black/Trini | Illustrator, Animator, Developer ✦
Minors DNI.

To contact me, you may reach out to me on these sites
or by friending me on Discord @kiingkiismet.
Or, send me an email.

✦ 18+ Discord Community ✦


The first thing I'd like to say is: use common sense.
Please know that I am a person, not just a content creator.


Do Not Interact with me if you do/are associated with/support the following:Purposefully ignore and consider human rights issues as unimportant
(i.e. issues relating to BIPOC (especially black folk), LGBTQ+, disabled
folk, neurodivergent folk, etc.)
Support Trump/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter/ICE"MAPS"/"NOMAPS"/Pedophilia/ZooNFTsPro-Life/Anti-Abortion/"Protection at Conception" crowdSupporting Israel/Zionist ideals/IOFBeing a contrarian or "neutral" for ANY of the above listed
(i.e. "Devils advocate", "well, let's see what the other side thinks")
Dream/DSMP fans for all the reasons above. Just don't.

Making Fan Works & Interacting with my

Fan Art / Fan Work

Yes, fanart/fanworks/fanfiction are ok and acceptable! I'd love to see them :3
Just make sure it follows my DNI list and boundaries below, please!
Yes, fan art, fan fiction, and any fan works are okay,
you don't need to ask to make fan art/fan works!
Just make sure it follows my boundaries!
If you wish for me to see it, you can tag me or put it under the hashtag:
For detailed (legal) stuff, check my Terms of Service.

Interacting with my Personas and Characters

Self-inserts/headcanons with my OCs and universes are 100% ok.Ex.: "Oh they're my OC's friend/parent/sibling/etc.",
"Oh they're secretly a wizard", "My oc/sona exists in this universe",
or "Omg they're trans"
, those are always cool with me :)
Regarding the above, do not racebend or whitewash my OCs that are BIPOC
(Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color).
Shipping with my OCs is ok, so long as it follows my boundaries. Content with gore/blood/violence and drug references are okay,
just add a content warning, please!
[For DID/OSDD Systems] I won't care if my OCs become a fictive, that's out
of anyone's control and I don't mind it. :)
If you're unsure if I'd be okay with something, please directly ask me. I don't mind people "simping" over my OCs or sona, but do not actually
hit on me, the artist, no matter what I am doing or what I draw my sona doing.

Interacting with Me &
My Boundaries

Generally Interacting with Me and other Warnings

My accounts such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Tumblr are all 18+.
My content contains a lot of heavy and gory
subject matter unsuitable for anyone under 18.
I am pretty forgetful, so I may forget to respond. It's nothing personal!
Gentle pokes are fine, but please do not spam me.
If you make me uncomfortable repeatedly (including others), I will block you,
especially if you're still hurting people after being warned.
Following back =/= immediate friends, I'm skittish lol I use Tone Indicators, tones don't translate well for me as a neurodivergent person!
If I say / word something weird, lemme know, please!
Do not trauma dump to me / my server unsolicited. I'm not
equipped to handle that without warning.
Do not complain about my public NSFW accounts.
They are labeled as such and you can choose not to look at it.
I don't mind people "simping" over my OCs or sona, but do not actually
hit on me, the artist, no matter what I am doing or what I draw my sona doing.
Please do not speculate about my IRL life and respect my privacy.


Orion Andreus, AKA. Kismet, "King Kismet"

Kiing Kiismet's commonly used profile picture of their split-colored black and blue themed character. They have curly blue hair over their right eye which is an "X," a black mask with blue teeth drawn over it, red and black earrings with white wording and

My name's Kismet. I'm a black and trans masculine 24-year-old artist and developer in Maryland, USA!
My pronouns are he/it/they + neopronouns, and I go by other nicknames as well. I'm also
neurodivergent and disabled, fighting Multiple Sclerosis since 2018!
I've been creating art and animations for a couple of years and am a recent computer science
graduate. All my life I've been interested in artwork, animation, writing stories, and designing interesting characters of the
fantasy genre for fun as well. I hope to use my newfound knowledge in development to combine these stories
into games and other media that I hope to publish in the future!
In these projects, my goal is to bring more diversity to the table in animation and gaming,
incorporating my intersecting identities of being black, queer, disabled, and neurodivergent in storylines to allow others to feel
seen, and take different approaches to the fantasy and adventure genres in entertainment.
While that's in the works, I'm still doing my little doodles and posting them on the internet,
reminding myself to have fun as well! :)

Contact me

Need to reach out to me about a commission inquiry or ask me a question?I can be reached via social media, including Discord @kiingkiismet (fastest) ,
or you can use the form below to send me an email (slow).

Kismet's Spellbook
[art commissions]


To reach out about a commission inquiry, send a friend request to kiingkiismet on Discord,
or click here to send a direct email to KIINGKIISMET (slower).

Please make sure you are familiar with my Terms of Service before commissioning.
You are agreeing to the terms when commissioning my work.

Current Sales and Offers!

Usually for a set time period for about a week or two, I will have a sale running
for specific types of commissions or commissions featuring a certain theme!

Last Sale: February 24th, 2023

Current Sale on:
Nothing yet...

*NOTE: Turnaround times can vary because I deal with chronic pain and fatigue from
Multiple Sclerosis. I will let you know if it may take a bit longer than that as my flares
can be random levels of intensity; some days can be bearable while others are not.
If you have questions, please let me know on Discord, Instagram, Tumblr, or Tiktok.


Here are some of my art examples!If you see any piece of yours that you do not want
to be showcased here, please DM me on Discord!


Reference Sheets

Schedule and Turnaround Time

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (latest) EST with HOLIDAYS off.
*TAT: 5-14 Days, some occasions up to a month (Unless Specified otherwise)

*NOTE: Turnaround times can vary because I deal with chronic pain and fatigue from
Multiple Sclerosis. I will let you know if it may take a bit longer than that as my flares
can be random levels of intensity; some days can be bearable while others are not.
If you have questions, please let me know on Discord, Instagram, Tumblr, or Tiktok.

Cryptiid Cruxx's Symbol

Illustration Commissions

Digital Artwork of icons/busts, half bodies, and full bodies of characters
of your choice. Uncolored, Colored—sketches, lined, or fully rendered.

Fees and Extras
Extra Characters: 40% of initial price per character.
Scenic Background: Detailed background added to the piece, 50% of the base price.Rush Fee: Get it done within or less than 24 hours. (50% of base price)Complex Character Fee - 15% of base fee; Charged by the artist (me) whenever there is a
character that has multiple markings of varying types, complex clothing, armor,
extra appendages, multi-colored, etc. Done at my discretion.

Final price depends on factors such as the complexity of the character, added
sides / views, and rush fees requested by the commissioner.

Reference Sheets and Customs

Looking for Pre-Made Adoptables?

High-Quality digital artwork of your characters with color swatches,
different views, and information about said character at your request.
Open to creating custom character designs on the fly at one's
Choose a package.

BRONZE [Single Reference] - $65+ USD
A single full body--front-facing or 3/4 pose for a character with color swatches;
information included about said character on the side (optional) and
accessories (optional, may affect price). A specific pose can be requested.

Silver [Double Sided Reference] - $85+ USD
Two full bodies, front and back--front-facing or 3/4 pose. A specific pose
can be requested.
Includes color swatches, information included about said character on the side (optional),
and accessories (optional, may affect price).

GOLD [Detailed Reference] - $150+ USD
Two full bodies, front and back--front-facing or 3/4 pose; up to
3 extra headshots/busts can be added to the sheet to show more information and details
about the character. Specific poses/emotions can be requested.
Includes color swatches, information included about the said character on the side (optional),
and accessories (optional, included in the price).

Fees and Extras
"Emotes" (added headshots) - $5/emote
Bust "Emotes" - $15/emote
Extra bodies/poses/body views - $25/body
Complex Character Fee: 15% of base price

Animated Icon Commissions

Animated Icons; Hand-Drawn or Tweened, all Polished.

TWEENING - $75+ | Individually drawn parts of a character
that are pieced together in a "puppet" like format, and then animated.

HAND-DRAWN - $95+ | Freely drawn, frame-by-frame animation,
and then polished.


What I Draw

Humans/humanoidsMonsters, furries, insects/arachnids, and feral animalsCouples/group picturesPlantsVarious body typesAll hair types(Some) Fandom contentBIPOC and LGBTQ (I specialize in these!)Things relating to/promoting movements such as Black Lives Matter,
Trans Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, Red Instead, ACAB, #MeToo, Pro-Choice, etc.
Things featuring or are related to neurodivergence
(i.e. Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.)
Things featuring or are related to medication,
medical stuff, disabilities, illness, and mental health
Things featuring some religious, spiritual, and/or imagery, symbolism,
and practices (i.e. Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, etc.)
Blood, scarring, gore (including pastel, neon, or candy-themed)Dark-themes, action, and violenceMecha/robotsBody horrorSelf-H*rm / Depictions of Su*cidal ideation / Su*cide(18+) Most NSFW (if you're unsure on what can draw, just ask.)

What I DON'T Draw

Things meant to bully a person or group (i.e. hate campaigning)Anything promoting racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, sexist, and
white supremacist rhetoric (i.e. MAGA, "All Lives Matter", "Blue Lives Matter", "Not All Cops",
"White Lives Matter", "Super straights", "Protection at Conception"/"Pro-Life" etc.)
Lolicon, shotacon, cub, Minors in NSFW, etc. I also do not draw NSFW FOR minors.Bestiality/zoophiliaNSFW involving feral characters (even IF "sentient")Extreme fetishes such as watersports, scat, necrophilia, etc.Non-con/Sexual assaultThings referencing or featuring practices or individuals/figures
within a closed culture that I or You do NOT have the right to use in such
a way that indigenous and other groups have specified to not use them for
(i.e. a certain "antlered" figure, and a certain shapeshifter)


"You" and "your" pertains to you, the commissioner, trader, or requester, and "I", "my", and "me" pertains to KIING KIISMET, and “content” or "works" pertain to any intellectual property produced by me (including but not limited to audio, videos, animations, illustrations, icons, logos, etc.). By buying works from KIING KIISMET, you automatically adhere to my Terms of Service. When ordering things from me, please come prepared with references or collages of references with descriptions so I know exactly what you want, please.PAYMENTWhen purchasing from me, it’s expected that you pay upfront. Of course, if you cannot, that is fine, but HD images will not be released to you and will be heavily watermarked (if at all released to you) until payment is fulfilled to avoid scamming. If you cannot pay in full, then a payment plan can be arranged where 50% of the payment is given to me so I can at least start on the commission.REFUNDS, REVISIONS, AND COMPLEXITY FEESTo file a refund, it must be done within the time the sketch is being drawn. As soon as it’s on the lining stage, refunds will not be accepted UNLESS I express that I cannot complete the commission. In addition to that, you cannot use any of the sketches or linework once the refund is processed; the process images will be promptly deleted and you are not allowed to use the artwork despite it being your character.For revisions, I can revise as many times needed as long as it’s possible, and it depends on where it is in the stage. If revisions need to be made after the work was completed, you must tell me within 7 days of completion.For major design revisions in a current commission (major change of pose, character design, or multiple variant changes), I may charge a revision fee of $10-$15. This fee would be prompted if and only if a major change is requested during the lining stage. Each instance will be charged ONLY, not charging per change. Revisions of 100% of the image are not covered under this, you must order a new piece if you want a do-over.For complexity fees, this applies if the character that I am drawing has, but is not limited to over 4 types of markings, more than 3 extra appendages (appendages count as arms, legs, wings, eyes, etc.), multiple colors on base design (on body), and/or complex clothing and accessories. Complexity will be determined by me only.POSTING MY WORK ELSEWHEREYou are allowed to use the work however you please for profile pictures, social media, banners, etc. as long as it’s not for monetary gain unless you arrange to get explicit permission from me. The commissioned work is yours and only yours and whoever else's character is in the artwork, meaning you cannot post it online to try and give others "permission" to freely use my artwork without my permission as it is my content.When you post it on other sites, you need to 1. Keep the watermark intact; you are not allowed to erase any watermarks or signatures by me, and 2. If posting elsewhere, please credit me and link any of my social media pages listed on this site in your media.COPYRIGHT INFORMATION, USE OF CHARACTERS, AND USE OF ARTYou are prohibited from reselling, tracing, editing, and using my images for monetary gain without my explicit permission. All content produced by KIING KIISMET are not to be used for commercial/monetization purposes without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to any art or characters made by me in:• videos
• movies
• video games
• websites
• or on any type of clothing or apparel.
For use of my characters and artwork, you may use them for non-commercial purposes if you ask me first and credit me by linking any of my social media pages listed on this site to your media. This includes, but is not limited to videos, fan art*, movies, video games, websites and journal articles (physical and electronic), or parodies.However, my artwork and characters are not to be used to push any sort of political rhetoric without my permission, along with promoting hate speech as it is not a representation of any of my personal values.If you are using fanart that contains my characters but is made by someone else other than me, potential permission must be obtained by that artist, and credit must be given to all parties, including me since I own the character(s). Characters that do not belong to me in my artwork (such as commission work, gift art, art trades, etc.) belong to their respective owners."CUSTOMER TOS"My Terms of Service (TOS) overrides a "customer TOS" as I am the one offering a service in exchange for money. You are not allowed to change the set permissions in my service as it is backed by U.S. Copyright law. A "customer TOS" does not override what I do with sketches, artwork, and other content created by me.SELF-ADVERTISEMENT AND MY PERSONAL USAGEContent created by me can be used by me in any form of reference, examples, and design for the purpose of showcasing and self-advertisement. Although these are my works of art, any characters that I do not own that are drawn by me will be credited to their appropriate owner(s) as I own the content but not the character. Please know that this applies to all exchanges of art (I.e. commissions, auctions, trades, requests, etc.)NFTS, CRYPTOCURRENCY, AND CRYPTO ARTI will not create work or content for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), wholly or in part. Any content I make for you CAN NOT be submitted to any blockchain technologies for the purpose of NFT or cryptocurrency trading as it is my intellectual property. Even if it is your character, I DO NOT consent for my content to be used in such a way.


Pay me upfront. If you can't at this time and you want to arrange a payment plan, ask. No refunds after the sketch is completed. If I refunded you, do not use any sketch work I sent you. Revisions need to be done before the 7-day mark after completion, major changes will get you charged. You can use your gifted or purchased art from me on your social media, just credit me. Yes, you can use my OCs in fan art, animations, etc., just credit me and ask if you're using it in other media like games or something. No, you cannot make money off my artwork without my knowledge, or we will fight. If it's my artwork, I'll use it how I see fit (with credit for your characters), and lastly, don't use my characters or artwork in political stuff. No, my characters will not support your hate campaign. I will NEVER create content for NFTs and I DO NOT consent for my content to be traded as NFTs or to be submitted to a blockchain for NFT and cryptocurrency trading.